Dallas Mavericks vs. Boston Celtics Game 2 Betting Tips 6/9/2024

We saw the Boston Celtics’ power in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, and to be honest, they humiliated the Dallas Mavericks. From what we saw, things are not going to be easy for the guests from Texas in Game 2, even though they played fantastic on the road throughout the entire playoffs. Dallas Mavericks […]

Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Denver Nuggets Game 5 Betting Tip 5/14/2024

The Denver Nuggets showed their championship spirit in two games against the Timberwolves in Minneapolis. They now head back home with a swing and a mental edge over the T-Wolves. Tonight’s clash at Mile High might be one of the most exciting this season.  Minnesota Timberwolves News We can’t wait to see the T-Wolves’ response following two […]

OKC Thunder vs. Dallas Mavericks Game 3 Betting Tips 5/11/2024

Game 3 of the series between the OKC Thunder and the Dallas Mavericks is on tonight. The series moved to Texas, at the American Airlines Center, where Mavs have a pretty rough support from the stands.  OKC Thunder News The Thunder’s defensive performance in Game 2 was lackluster, allowing the Mavs to take control of the game without any resistance. In […]

Dallas Mavericks vs. OKC Thunder Game 2 Betting Tips 10.05.2024

The OKC Thunder are a bit underestimated despite winning the top seed in the West. Many don’t believe in them, even though this team didn’t lose a single game in this year’s playoffs. On the other hand, Luka and the Mavs have to bounce back following the opening loss in the series and take one on the road. […]

Orlando Magic vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Game 7 Betting Tips 05.05.2024

The Cleveland Cavaliers have the home-court edge in the final game of their battle against the Orlando Magic. Will that be enough for the Cavs? Or are we going to see Magic creating the first break of the series at the most important moment? Stay tuned to find out. Orlando Magic News The Magic showed its fighting spirit when they came […]

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Indiana Pacers Game 6 Betting Tips 02.05.2024

The Milwaukee Bucks have their backs against the wall and have no other option but to win and survive. On the other hand, the Pacers are more than hyped to end the series and avoid any possible complications, including Game 7 in Milwaukee.  Milwaukee Bucks News Some speculate that both Giannis and Lillard might return in this one, […]

Philadelphia 76ers vs. New York Knicks Game 5 Betting Tips 30.4.2024

The New York Knicks have a nice chance to eliminate the 76ers in five games. They will have the home-court edge tonight and momentum on their side as well. Meanwhile, the Sixers will need to be sharp as much as possible.  Philadelphia 76ers News Philly’s game isn’t as expected. Why? Joel Embiid’s injury might be the problem. Also, his attitude is […]

OKC Thunder vs. New Orleans Pelicans Game 3 Betting Tip 27.04.2024

The New Orleans Pelicans are gearing up to host the Oklahoma City Thunder in a high-stakes Game 3 of their playoff series this Saturday night. This game is a make-or-break situation for the home team, who must secure a win to stay in the running for the next stage, especially as OKC currently holds a 2-0 lead.  […]

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Orlando Magic Game 3 Betting Tips

The Cleveland Cavaliers showed muscles in the opening two matches of the series against the Orlando Magic. They now head to Florida to prove their worth and shit down all those suggesting they are only a home team. Meanwhile, the Magic have nothing to wait for. Orlando needs to give its best shot now.  Cleveland Cavaliers News […]

LA Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets Betting Tips 20.04.2024

The LA Lakers and the Denver Nuggets open their NBA playoff series at the Mile High this Saturday night. There’s a chip on the Lakers’ shoulders here, following last year’s loss in the West Finals once the Nuggets swept LeBron and the company.  LA Lakers News The purple and gold eliminated the New Orleans Pelicans […]

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