Betting on Professional Wrestling – What You Need to Know

In short, pro wrestling is athletic theater. Without argument, it is a unique form of entertainment that is experiencing a boom period in the US, as the WWE is selling out venues at an unprecedented rate. The roots of this, what some call art form, date back to the 19th century. According to historians, pro […]

Predict the Euro 2024 Winners and Win 10,000,000 USDT with

Get ready to dive into the biggest football extravaganza of the year with a chance to win the most mouth-watering prize in sports betting history. With, your accurate predictions of the Euro 2024 group and knockout stages can net you an astonishing 10,000,000 USDT. Yes, you read that right! Showcase your football expertise and […]

Is There Match-Fixing in eSports?

The short answer to this question is – of course. If you have been betting on sports online, you undoubtedly have seen the addition of eSports events to an immense number of Internet gambling platforms in the past decade, especially in the past five years. That said, people competing in video games is nothing novel, […]

BC.GAME – 3 Exciting EURO 2024 Promotions

BC.GAME has unveiled a trio of exhilarating promotions for EURO 2024, perfect for igniting the passion of all sports betting enthusiasts. Step into the arena with the “Daily Deposit Marathon,” where consistency brings handsome rewards. From June 1st to July 15th, join this thrilling journey of daily deposits and watch your rewards grow progressively, culminating […]

Why Future Wagers May Not Be a Great Idea

If you are on this site, reading this guide, then you likely know all about futures, what they are, and how you can make them. However, not everyone who has stumbled upon this piece of content is as educated on this wager type, and even seasoned online gamblers might not know why they may not […]

European Cup Inu Fuses 2024 Euro Championship with Crypto Betting

In preparation for the European Cup 2024, a groundbreaking project is set to change how football fans engage with the tournament. European Cup Inu ($ECI) which is a meme coin, combines the excitement of football with the world of crypto betting. Betting with $ECI Tokens Owning $ECI tokens allows users to access a unique betting […]

Most-Used Betting & Sports Abbreviations

Let’s face facts – abbreviations make life easy. They make it simple for people to reference things and quickly convey information. They are a tool that boosts efficiency in every field, sports betting included. Hence, here we will be looking at shortened forms for gambling phrases and terms used in what we consider the most […]

Point Shaving an Insidious Form of Match-Fixing

Today, thankfully, match-fixing is not as prominent as it once was. That is, in large part, on account of the level of statistical analysis involved in high-profile contests and games getting filmed from multiple angles. Hence, it is much easier than before to snuff out nefarious activity. Nonetheless, any sport’s integrity can still get compromised […] Founders Increase Investment in PointsBet

Australian billionaires Ed Craven and Bijan Tehrani, the founders of the cryptocurrency gambling platform, have expanded their investment portfolio with a significant increase in their stake in ASX-listed online bookmaker PointsBet. This move marks a notable shift in their investment strategy, reflecting a growing interest in the legal gambling sector in Australia. Increasing Stake […]

A Few of the Biggest Betting Upsets Ever

Sports upsets are at the core of why people watch competitive athletic competitions. The unpredictable nature of these events is what makes them so appealing, producing thrilling moments where underdogs overcome insurmountable odds to emerge victorious. Below, we rattle off six of the most jaw-dropping results in sports history that likely made some individuals who […]

Famous Athletes That Love Betting on Sports

Sports wagering has long been a thrilling pastime for millions of individuals worldwide. And athletes have not been immune to the allure of this pastime. In this article, we explore five globally known sportsmen who have made headlines due to their love for betting, though not always in a positive light. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Pretty […]

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