Grand National Bitcoin Betting

The anticipation for the 2024 Grand National is mounting, with the equestrian world buzzing about Corach Rambler, last year’s winner, being a strong contender again. As the event draws closer, GOSUBETTING’s experts have created the only guide you’ll need to bet with Bitcoin confidently.

We have covered the Grand National 2024 participants, complete with details about jockeys and recent performances. This detailed guide by GOSUBETTING will offer a horse-by-horse analysis, providing insights into each contender’s prospects to help you make smart bets with your Bitcoin.

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2024 Grand National: The Contenders

Post the 2023 National, speculation is already rife about the lineup for the 2024 Grand National. While initial entries typically hover around 85 horses, this number narrows down after the Cheltenham Festival, culminating in the final roster for the race scheduled for April 13th, 2024.

Notably, the number of runners has been reduced from 40 to 34, which may impact the diversity and caliber of the entries. Many of the 2023 participants are expected to return, vying for glory in the 2024 event. Some of the prominent names speculated to be part of the race include:

  • Ain’t That A Shame
  • Angels Dawn
  • Appreciate It
  • Ash Tree Meadow
  • Ashtown Lad
  • Authorized Art
  • Back On The Lash
  • Bill Baxter
  • Born By The Sea
  • Busselton
  • Bronn
  • Capodanno
  • Captain Cattistock
  • Carefully Selected
  • Chemical Energy
  • City Chief
  • Coko Beach
  • Complete Unknown
  • Cooper’s Cross
  • Corach Rambler
  • Delta Work
  • Desertmore House
  • Dolcita
  • Enjoy d’Allen
  • Eva’s Oskar
  • Fastorslow
  • Feronily
  • Fiddlerontheroof
  • Flash De Touzaine
  • Fury Road
  • Ga Law
  • Gaillard du Mesnil
  • Galvin
  • Gentlemansgame
  • Gericault Roque
  • Gerri Colombe
  • Gesskille
  • Gevrey
  • Guetapan Collonges
  • Hewick
  • Hollow Games
  • I Am Maximus
  • Kinondo Kwetu
  • Kitty’s Light
  • Largy Debut
  • Le Milos
  • Lifetime Ambition
  • Longhouse Poet
  • Lord Lariat
  • Mahler Mission
  • Major Dundee
  • Midnight River
  • Minella Indo
  • Mister Coffey
  • Monbeg Genius
  • Moroder
  • Mr Incredible
  • Noble Yeats
  • Our Power
  • Panda Boy
  • Revels Hill
  • Roi Mage
  • Royale Pagaille
  • Run Wild Fred
  • Sail Away
  • Salvador Ziggy
  • Sounds Russian
  • Stattler
  • Stumptown
  • The Big Breakaway
  • The Goffer
  • The Real Whacker
  • Thedevilscoachman
  • Vanillier
  • Velvet Elvis

Keep an eye on GOSUBETTING for the latest Grand National Bitcoin Betting updates and expert insights as we approach the Grand National 2024, a pinnacle event in horse racing.

Grand National Bitcoin Betting

Grand National Top Contenders and Their Odds

The Grand National, a pinnacle of horse racing, gets significant attention and Bitcoin betting action, with several horses emerging as favorites each year. As we look ahead to the 2024 Grand National, let’s look into the profiles of some of the leading contenders, considering their career achievements, prize money, and current betting odds:

Corach Rambler

  • Career Highlights: Victorious in both the 2022 and 2023 Ultima Handicap Chases and the 2023 Grand National.
  • Career Prize Money: £687,885.
  • 2023 Grand National Result: 1st place.
  • 2024 Grand National Odds: 20/1.


  • Career Highlights: Runner-up in the 2023 Ultima Handicap Chase and winner of the 2023 Punchestown Gold Cup.
  • Career Prize Money: £266,182.
  • 2023 Grand National Result: Did not participate.
  • 2024 Grand National Odds: 25/1.

Kitty’s Light

  • Career Highlights: Winner of the 2023 Scottish Grand National and the 2023 bet365 Gold Cup.
  • Career Prize Money: £437,803.
  • 2023 Grand National Result: Did not participate.
  • 2024 Grand National Odds: 25/1.

Gaillard Du Mesnil

  • Career Highlights: 2023 National Hunt Challenge Cup Chase winner and third-place finisher in the 2023 Grand National.
  • Career Prize Money: £480,322.
  • 2023 Grand National Result: 3rd place.
  • 2024 Grand National Odds: 25/1.

Noble Yeats

  • Career Highlights: 2022 Grand National champion and fourth-place finisher in the 2023 event.
  • Career Prize Money: £719,733.
  • 2023 Grand National Result: 4th place.
  • 2024 Grand National Odds: 33/1.

Monbeg Genius

  • Career Highlights: Third place in the 2023 Ultima Handicap Chase.
  • Career Prize Money: £54,393.
  • 2023 Grand National Result: Did not participate.
  • 2024 Grand National Odds: 33/1.


  • Career Highlights: Runner-up in the 2023 Grand National.
  • Career Prize Money: £329,937.
  • 2023 Grand National Result: 2nd place.
  • 2024 Grand National Odds: 25/1.

These horses, with their notable achievements and competitive odds, are shaping up to be the ones to watch in the upcoming Grand National when placing your crypto bets. Also, keep an eye on their progress as the race draws nearer. Moreover, their odds might fluctuate based on form and other factors influencing their chances of success.

Previous Grand National Champions and Selection Process

The Grand National has seen many memorable moments and champions over the years. The 2023 edition was no exception, marked by excitement and a slight delay due to protestors. Here’s a look at the past winners and the intricate selection process for Grand National runners:

Past Winners

  • 2023: Corach Rambler emerged victorious, continuing the successful partnership of jockey Derek Fox and trainer Lucinda Russell, reminiscent of their 2017 win with One For Arthur.
  • 2022: Noble Yeats, a top weight, showed a commendable performance. However, still couldn’t replicate the previous year’s success, finishing fourth.
  • 2021: Minella Times captured the title.
  • 2020: The race was canceled.
  • 2019 & 2018: Tiger Roll made history with back-to-back wins.
  • 2017: One For Arthur, under the same successful team as Corach Rambler, clinched the title.
  • 2016: Rule The World took the crown.
  • 2015: Many Clouds triumphed.
  • 2014: Pineau De Re won the race.
  • 2013: Auroras Encore secured victory.

Selecting the Runners

The process of determining the Grand National runners is meticulous, involving several stages:

  • Initial Longlist: Announced in early February, often featuring over 100 potential runners.
  • Weights Announcement: Mid-February sees the ranking of horses from one to 34 and beyond.
  • First Scratchings Deadline: Occurs in early March.
  • Post-Cheltenham Festival Scratchings: A second round of scratchings follows three weeks later, influenced by the outcomes of the Cheltenham Festival.
  • Five-Day Confirmations: Set for 8th April 2024.
  • Final Declarations: This occurs on Thursday, 11th April at 10 am, finalizing the top 34 horses based on the weights list.

Runner Cap and Withdrawals

Traditionally, the Grand National featured a maximum of 40 horses. However, a decision has been made to reduce this number to 34. This change aims to streamline the race and potentially improve safety. After the final declaration stage, any subsequent withdrawals will not be replaced. This stability allows bettors to use their Grand National free bets with more confidence, knowing their chosen runner is highly likely to participate.

Deciding the Runners for the Grand National

The Grand National is meticulously prepared for each year, with the selection of participating horses being an incredibly important aspect. Here’s an insight into how the runners for the 2024 Grand National will be decided:

The Role of the British Horseracing Authority (BHA)

  • Handicapping Decision: The BHA’s head of handicapping plays a pivotal role in determining the weights and ratings for the entered runners. This decision is important as it significantly influences the final lineup of 34 runners.
  • Impact on Betting Odds: The allocation of weight to each horse provides a clearer picture of the confirmed Grand National runners, directly affecting the betting odds for the 2024 race.

Grand National Entries 2024

  • Entry Criteria: While there’s no limit to initial entries as long as horses meet the official criteria, only 34 can run on race day, reduced from the traditional cap of 40.
  • Trainers and Owners’ Decisions: Various considerations come into play, such as a horse’s ability to handle the distance, ground suitability, current form, and handicap weight.
  • Balancing Act: Trainers must look at their horses’ capabilities carefully. Those struggling with jumping or stamina may be unsuitable, while in-form horses might face higher racing weights, impacting their performance and odds.

Key Contenders and Interesting Facts

  • Corach Rambler: The most recent winner, securing a notable victory in the previous race.
  • Rachael Blackmore’s Influence: As the first female jockey to achieve significant milestones, there’s keen interest in whichever horse she chooses to ride.
  • Henry de Bromhead: Notable for training the top two horses in the 2021 Grand National, showcasing his expertise.
  • JP McManus: A leading owner with a history of success in the Grand National.

These insights create an interesting and dynamic build-up to the Grand National, affecting the runners’ selection and the overall betting landscape for the prestigious race.

Grand National Non-Runners and Key Criteria for Selecting a Winning Horse

The Grand National, a race steeped in tradition and excitement, often sees changes in its lineup right until the final moments. Understanding the dynamics of non-runners and the key criteria for a winning horse can drastically improve your Bitcoin betting strategies.

Grand National Non-Runners

  • Final Declarations and Non-Runners: Once the final field is declared (in 2023, this was on April 13th), any horse withdrawn from the race is considered a ‘non-runner’.
  • Impact of the Reserve System Change: The discontinuation of the ‘reserves’ system in 2023 meant that no replacements were allowed for non-runners, leading to fewer than the maximum runners (39 instead of 40 in 2023 after Escaria Ten was withdrawn).
  • Reasons for Withdrawal: Horses may be pulled out due to various reasons, most commonly changes in ground conditions or veterinary issues.

Finding a Winning Horse: Key Factors

Weight Considerations

  • In this handicap race, weights are assigned based on the horse’s official rating. The handicapper can adjust weights considering factors like past performance at Aintree.
  • The top-rated horse carries a maximum of 11st 10lbs. Historically, carrying heavy weights was seen as a disadvantage, but recent trends show that top-weighted horses can indeed triumph, especially on less challenging ground.

Age Factor

  • Only horses aged 7 and above are eligible, with the age limit recently increased from 6. Notably, Noble Yeats broke the norm by winning as a younger horse.
  • Horses between 8 and 11 years old are considered in their prime for this race, though individual form and potential to reach a new peak are also crucial.

Career Path

  • There’s no single path leading to the Grand National. The focus should be on identifying horses that are peaking in form, regardless of their racing background.
  • Pay attention to horses showing their best form in the current season and are well-handicapped.


  • A horse must have been placed in a recognized chase of 3 miles or more to qualify, ensuring they have the necessary endurance.
  • Preference should be given to horses with proven stamina, evidenced by wins in long-distance chases, including previous performances in the Grand National or other major long-distance races.

By understanding these aspects, Bitcoin bettors can make more informed decisions when selecting a horse to back in the Grand National, considering the balance between weight, age, career form, and stamina.

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Grand National Riders: An Insight into the Jockeys of the Prestigious Race

In the Grand National, the jockey’s skill and experience are as important as the horse’s ability. Understanding the background and expertise of these riders can significantly influence betting choices.

The Importance of the Jockey in Grand National Bitcoin Betting

  • Past Winners: Some crypto bettors prefer backing jockeys who have previously won the Grand National. Furthermore, banking on their experience in this unique race.
  • Gender Dynamics: After Rachael Blackmore’s historic win in 2021, there’s growing interest in female jockeys, reflecting a shift in the sport’s dynamics.

Qualifications for Grand National Riders

  • Experience Requirement: To qualify, jockeys must have at least 15 wins under rules in Britain or Ireland, with a minimum of 10 wins over fences.
  • Rider-Horse Pairing: While any qualified jockey can theoretically ride any horse, many are associated with specific stables or owners and often ride horses retained by them.
  • Career Opportunities: The Grand National can be a career-defining race for jockeys, offering them a chance to achieve significant recognition.

Notable Jockeys in the 2023 Grand National

  • Leighton Aspell: Achieved back-to-back wins for different trainer/owner combinations.
  • AP McCoy and Ruby Walsh: Among the greatest jump jockeys, although, with only a few wins in the Grand National.
  • Top Jockeys: The race often features the most successful jockeys from the past season. Examples from the 2023 race include Aidan Coleman, M P Walsh, Rachael Blackmore, and others.

Key Facts and Figures for the 2024 Grand National

  • Winner’s Prize Money: £500,000, reflecting the race’s prestige.
  • Total Runners: 39 horses competed in 2023.
  • Race Conditions: Official going reported as Good to Soft.
  • Race Distance: A challenging 4 miles, 2 furlongs, and 74 yards.
  • Number of Hurdles: 30 hurdles, testing both horse and rider.

2023 Grand National Outcome

  • Winning Horse and Odds: Corach Rambler, the 8/1 favorite, emerged victorious.
  • Key Competitors: Other notable horses included Vanillier (20/1), Gaillard Du Mesnil (10/1), and Noble Yeats (10/1).

Understanding the jockeys’ backgrounds, their association with horses, and their prior achievements in the Grand National can offer bettors valuable insights. It’s about finding the right balance between the jockey’s skill, the horse’s capability, and the unique challenges of the Grand National course.

Grand National Bitcoin Betting Tips: Weighing Your Options

Key Factors Influencing Your Grand National Bets

  • Weight and Jockey Announcements: Keep an eye on these important announcements, as they play a significant role in shaping the odds and outcomes.
  • Weather Conditions: The weather can impact the race and should be factored into your betting decisions.
  • Previous Aintree Performances: Horses with a strong track record at Aintree are often safe bets

Analyzing Top Contenders

  • Past Winners: Horses like Tiger Roll and Noble Yeats, known for their past performances, are often favored in betting circles.
  • Corach Rambler: As a potential candidate for back-to-back wins, this horse is one to watch in the 2024 race.

Considering the Horse’s Weight

  • Under 11 Stone Trend: Historically, horses carrying less than 11 stones have a higher chance of winning, although there are exceptions like Tiger Roll in 2019.

Bet Types: Win or Each-Way?

  • Win Bet: You bet on a horse to win the race outright. The horse must win for a return on this bet.
  • Each-Way Bet: Offers a safety net, allowing you to win even if your horse doesn’t finish first but within the top 4 or 5, depending on the crypto bookmaker.

Understanding Each-Way Betting

  • Dual Nature of the Bet: Each-way betting splits your stake into two parts: one for the win and the other for the place.
  • Bet Distribution: A £5 each-way bet means £5 on the win and £5 on the place, totaling £10.
  • Factors to Consider: Your budget, the odds, the number of runners, and the bookie’s payout policy for places.

Calculating Each-Way Bet Winnings

  • Bookmakers’ Offers: Pay attention to how many places bookmakers are paying out for and the terms (1/5 or 1/4 of the odds).

Example Calculation:

  • Bet: $1 each-way at 12/1 odds, finishing 3rd, with the bookie paying 1/4 of the odds.
  • Win Part: The $1 stake is lost as the horse didn’t win.
  • Place Part: Odds are divided by the place factor (1/4). So, 12/1 becomes 3/1. $1 at 3/1 returns $4.

In Grand National betting, understanding the dynamics of each-way betting, considering the weight and past performances of horses, and keeping an eye on external factors like the weather are essential. Balancing these elements can significantly enhance your chances of making a profitable bet on this prestigious horse racing event.

Other Popular Bets At Crypto Sports Books

  • Win Bet: A straightforward bet where you pick a horse to win. If it wins, so do you.
  • Place Bet: This bet pays off if your horse finishes either first or second.
  • Show Bet: A safer bet where you win if your horse finishes in the top three.

Exploring Exotic Wagers

  • Exactas: A challenging bet where you predict the top two finishers in exact order.
  • Trifectas: Similar to an exacta, but you pick the first three horses in the correct sequence.
  • Quinella: A variation of the exacta where the order of the top two horses doesn’t matter.
  • Superfecta: An advanced bet where you predict the top four horses in precise order.

Deciphering Horse Racing Odds

  • Horse racing odds are typically presented in a fractional format.
  • Example: Odds of 5:1 mean you win $5 for every $1 you wager.
  • Understanding these odds is crucial for calculating potential payouts and making informed betting choices.

Betting on horse racing offers a range of options, from simple win bets to complex superfectas. Selecting a good sportsbook, grasping various types of bets, and understanding how to read horse racing odds will improve your betting experience and possibly make you win. Horse racing betting is for both a beginner and an experienced punter.

Grand National Bitcoin Betting – How To Bet

Getting Started with Horse Racing Betting

  1. Select a Sportsbook: Choose a Bitcoin sportsbook offering horse race betting.
  2. Register and Deposit: Create your account and deposit using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, if available.
  3. Claim Welcome Bonus: Improve your betting amount with welcome bonuses offered by the platform.
  4. Navigate to Racing Platform: Find a comprehensive list of global horse races.
  5. Make Your Selections: Pick the race, horse, and type of bet you want to place.
  6. Set Your Stake: Decide how much you want to bet.
  7. Finalize the Bet: Review your bet slip and confirm your wager.

Crypto Betting in Horse Racing: An Overview

Embracing Cryptocurrency for Grand National Bitcoin Bets

Using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for Grand National betting offers a modern twist on traditional betting. The process remains familiar – select a race, choose your horse, and place your bet. However, crypto betting comes with unique advantages.

Advantages of Using Bitcoin for Grand National Bets

  • Speedy Transactions: Bitcoin transactions are typically confirmed within 10 minutes, significantly faster than traditional bank transactions. This speed is particularly beneficial for quick withdrawals.
  • Enhanced Security: The blockchain technology behind cryptocurrencies offers robust protection against hacking, ensuring high levels of safety and security.
  • Zero Transaction Fees: Most BTC sports betting sites do not impose transaction fees, allowing you to save on additional costs.
  • Global Accessibility: Cryptocurrencies are not bound by geographical or banking restrictions, making them universally acceptable across various betting platforms.

Challenges of Bitcoin Grand National Betting

  • Limited Acceptance: Not all sportsbooks accept cryptocurrencies, which can be attributed to regulatory challenges.

Essential Horse Racing Betting Terminology

  • Accumulator: A bet involving multiple selections across different races, with winnings from one rolling onto the next.
  • Allowance: A weight reduction given to horses with less experienced riders.
  • Also Ran: Horses that didn’t finish in the top positions.
  • Bar: Indicates horses not listed in the initial betting market are at longer odds.
  • Each-Way: A two-part bet; one for the horse to win and another for it to finish in the top three.
  • Evens or Even Money: Betting odds where your stake equals your potential winnings.
  • Form: A horse’s race record, indicated by numbers or letters next to its name on a racecard.
  • Odds on Odds where potential winnings are less than the stake.
  • On the Nose: Betting exclusively on a horse to win.
  • Penalty: Extra weight a horse carries for winning a race after the initial weights were published.
  • Placed: Finishing in the top three.
  • SP/Starting Price: The official odds at which bets are settled in betting shops.

Understanding horse racing betting terminology is key to understanding this exciting world.

Grand National Bitcoin Betting Conclusion

Grand National represents the magnificence and thrill of horse racing which gathers not only fans but also grabs the attention of millions of crypto bettors worldwide. It has always been among the top-rated horse racing events, attracting the most enthusiasts due to its heritage, not because of the complexity of the course. With the inclusion of Bitcoin betting, it has infused this traditional sport with modern tech, offering benefits like swift and secure transactions, global accessibility, and no transaction fees.

This caters to a new generation of crypto bettors that prefer convenience and innovation in their betting experience. As you jump into the world of Grand National betting, it’s important to also know about horse performance, jockey expertise, and track conditions. Furthermore, it’s good to understand the various betting options and promotions available, especially in the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency betting.

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