Royal Ascot Bitcoin Betting

In 2021, the USA saw a staggering $12.2 billion in horse race betting handles, contributing to the extensive global market. Watching the majestic horses sprint full throttle, overtaking their competitors’ furlong by furlong, has always captured the interest of many.

Yet, diving into the Royal Ascot and horse race betting in general, especially on Bitcoin sports betting platforms and race books, might seem daunting for newbies, given the distinct lingo that comes with horse betting, compounded by the details of USA crypto betting sites.

This guide is your ultimate resource for everything you need to about the Royal Ascot horse race betting with Bitcoin, offering insights on placing bets on horses, pro tips, and much more.

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Understanding Royal Ascot

In the UK, the horse racing season is marked by three pivotal events: Cheltenham Festival, Grand National, and Royal Ascot. Royal Ascot is the final event of the trio, typically occurring in mid-June, and spanning five days.

Of these prime events, Royal Ascot is deemed the grandest, attracting hundreds of thousands of attendees each year, including members of the Royal Family, all dressed in their finest attire. The rich history of the event, dating back to the 18th century, coupled with it being Britain’s most lucrative race meeting with over £7 million in prize money at stake, adds to its appeal.

The five days of Royal Ascot feature over 30 diverse races, differing in the number and quality of horses competing. The highlight of the entire festival is the Gold Cup, traditionally held on the third day. If you’re venturing into Ascot betting for the first time, we recommend focusing on this race, which gets the most attention and betting advice.

Royal Ascot Bitcoin Betting

The Basics of Royal Ascot Horse Racing

The essence of horse racing has remained unchanged since ancient times, involving a minimum of two horses sprinting to the finish line with jockeys in tow. Typically, a standard horse race features 14 contenders, with the notable exception of the Kentucky Derby, which boasts a 20-horse lineup.

Horse races can be classified into four primary categories: maiden races, claiming races, allowances, and stakes.

Maiden races are exclusive to horses looking for their first victory while claiming races permit the purchase of horses’ post-race. Allowance races are subject to specific rules and conditions, such as the horses’ weight, among other criteria. Stakes races, divided into Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3 events, necessitate horse owners to pay a nomination fee for participation.

Notable stake races include the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and the Wokingham Stake at Royal Ascot. Horse owners often employ cost-saving strategies, such as sourcing equipment and supplements from various retailers.

A pivotal distinction in horse races is the length of the track, typically measured in furlongs, with one furlong equaling one-eighth of a mile or 220 yards. Races exceeding a mile are denominated in fractions of a mile.

The term “length” denotes the distance between horses during a race. The smallest win margin could be a horse’s nose and a tie at the finish line results in a “dead heat” situation.

Guidelines for Betting on Royal Ascot Horse Racing

Engaging in horse race betting involves a series of methodical steps:

  1. Opt for one of GOSUBETTING’S recommended Bitcoin sportsbooks that offer horse race betting.
  2. Register an account and deposit using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, if available.
  3. Claim the welcome bonus to amplify your bankroll.
  4. Navigate to the horse racing platform to access a comprehensive list of global horse races.
  5. Select the race, horse, and type of bet you wish to place.
  6. Input your stake amount.
  7. Review the bet slip and finalize the transaction.

Crypto Betting for the Royal Ascot

Betting on the Royal Ascot with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin mirrors the process of using conventional money. Registration, account top-up with crypto, and race selection are the usual steps.

Advantages of BTC Horse Race Betting:

  • Swift transactions with an average Bitcoin confirmation time of under 10 minutes, are significantly beneficial for withdrawals.
  • Impenetrable security offered by blockchain technology, safeguarding against hacker threats.
  • Absence of transaction fees.
  • Universal acceptance facilitates betting from any location on sportsbooks that endorse crypto payments.

Disadvantages of BTC Horse Race Betting:

  • Regulatory hurdles mean not all sportsbooks accommodate cryptocurrencies.

Guidelines for Profitable Horse Race Betting

When participating in betting with Bitcoin on the Royal Ascot horse races, consider the following:

  • Favorites clinch the race approximately 32% of the time. Including favorites in the Place Bet results in a 53% likelihood of success.
  • Scrutinize the horse’s historical performance. Vital data such as race records, running lines, recent race outcomes, track conditions, and fractional times can be instrumental in making informed bets.

Royal Ascot Betting Manual Strategies, Odds & Form Interpretation

Newcomers to racing and betting keen on a Bitcoin wager on these races are in the right place!

The Royal Ascot boasts a total of 35 races, presenting numerous Bitcoin betting prospects for new bettors and regulars alike.

Before placing your bets, it’s important to analyze the horse racing form and understand the racecard that many crypto sports books use, to get insights about the event. A live look at the Parade Ring offers a glimpse of the contenders, which could potentially reveal the most promising horse.

Enjoy our comprehensive Royal Ascot betting guide, complete with terminology explanations and selection strategies, to elevate your Royal Ascot Bitcoin Betting experience.

Guide to Understanding Horse Racing Form & Information

Navigating the complexities of any horse racing information can be daunting for newcomers. To help, we’ve made you a breakdown of the abbreviations, numbers, and symbols you’ll find in the sports book.

Deciphering the Horse’s Information

The information provided by the crypto sportsbook is an indispensable tool for any Bitcoin bettor. Below we will explain each aspect to help you understand it better:

  • Colors: The attire donned by the jockey during the race.
  • No: Indicates a horse’s likelihood of triumph.
  • Horse/Name: The horse’s moniker, is often a creative amalgamation of its Sire and Dam’s names.
  • Number in Brackets: Shows the number of days elapsed since the horse’s last race.
  • Previous form: A sequence of numerals (1-9) denotes the horse’s standings in past races, e.g., 531-422. A “–” separates racing seasons, and a “/” signifies a racing hiatus.
  • Age: Aids in trend prediction to identify potential winners.
  • St Lb: The prescribed weight to be borne by the horse.
  • J: The jockey’s name is a significant factor since elite jockeys tend to secure victories.
  • T: The trainer’s name is a valuable insight given the variance in trainers’ success rates.
  • O: The owner’s identity.
  • S: The sponsor’s name.
  • B: The horse’s lineage is a vital consideration for gamblers gauging potential prowess based on familial success.
  • C: Shows prior victories at the racecourse.
  • D: Indicates past triumphs over the race’s stipulated distance.
  • CD: Informs about wins both at the course and over the race’s distance.
  • BF: Shows whether the horse was the previous race’s favorite.
  • Timeform view: A pundit’s insights on the horse’s prospects and potential race dynamics.

Horse Racing Form Abbreviations

  • F: The horse fell.
  • R: The horse opted out of racing.
  • BD: The horse was impeded by another competitor.
  • D: The horse faced disqualification.
  • U or UR: The horse unseated its jockey.
  • P or PU: The jockey withdrew the horse, failing to complete the race.
  • S: The horse slipped mid-race.

Tip: Be vigilant to differentiate these abbreviations from those signifying the horse’s past race performances.

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Varieties of Bets at Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot races provide many great wagering opportunities including several bet types that include the traditional win, show, and place wagers, for bettors to enjoy. We will cover the main ones below:

Bet To Win

This method is both enjoyable and simple; it involves placing a wager on a horse to win the race. At Ascot Racecourse, the minimum stake is £2, and the odds are displayed on screens at betting stations.

Bet To Place

This option allows you to wager on a horse to finish in a specific position and is available for races with five or more runners.

In races with 5-7 runners, you can bet on a horse to finish either 1st or 2nd. In races with 8 or more runners, punters can place bets for horses to finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Moreover, for handicap races with 16 or more runners, you can bet on a horse to finish 4th. The minimum stake for this bet is also £2 at Ascot Racecourse.

Exotic bets

These bets are also popular among bettors. These bets are more challenging to nail but offer substantial payouts.

  • Exactas require the correct prediction of the top two finishes in precise order.
  • Trifectas involve selecting the top three finishes in the correct sequence.
  • Quinellas are akin to exactas but allow for the top two finishes in any order.
  • Superfectas necessitate the accurate prediction of the top four finishes in the correct order.

Bet Each Way

An each-way bet combines a winning bet and a place bet, offering punters the chance to wager on all possible outcomes.

This bet is only available for races with more than five runners, and the minimum stake at Ascot Racecourse is £2.

Bet Two From Three

The “Two From Three” wager is another popular option, allowing punters to select two horses to finish in any order among the top three positions.

This bet is only available for races with six or more runners. If the number of runners drops to four or less, the bet will be void, and all stakes will be returned. The minimum stake for this bet is also £2 at Royal Ascot.

Placepot Bet

The Placepot bet is a preferred choice for many because it offers the chance for substantial payouts from small stakes without needing to pick a winner.

For instance, the average payout from a £1 stake is £407. One lucky punter even secured £91,774.50 from a £1 stake at the 2015 Cheltenham Festival.

To place a Placepot bet, punters must pick a placed horse in the first six races on the card. The stake is then divided among the winners.

Tip: To increase your odds of a significant payout, consider selecting more than one horse to place in each race.

Survivor Bet

Survivor is a relatively recent betting option where punters choose the winning horse in the first six races until only one ticket remains.

This is a form of knockout betting. If multiple tickets survive all six races, the winnings are divided equally among the bettors. The minimum stake for this bet at Ascot Racecourse is £2.

Other popular bet types at Royal Ascot include:

  • First Two
  • First Two Reverse
  • First Three
  • First Three Combination
  • Quadpot
  • Jackpot
  • Scoop 6

Note that the minimum stake for Quadpot is usually £1, while all other bets require a minimum of £2.

Where to Bet on the Royal Ascot

When betting with Bitcoin on the Royal Ascot, you have the option to place your bets at many bookies but we suggest using the Bitcoin sports books that GOSUBETTING recommends as our experts have given each of them our stamp of approval, so you know that they have been vigorously tried and tested as a trustworthy site to place your bets at

Gambling Standards and Regulations

GOSUBETTING’S recommended Bitcoin sports books promote responsible gambling and encourage racegoers to adhere to the following guidelines for a pleasant experience when betting on the races:

  • It is illegal for individuals under 18 to bet, and Ascot implements a think-25 policy to uphold gambling standards.
  • Bitcoin bookies reserve the right to refuse service if betting teams suspect any illegal activity.
  • No corrections will be made once the race has started.
  • Bettors must verify their bet slips to address any discrepancies.
  • There is usually no maximum limit on the amount that can be staked or won on a Bet with Bitcoin.
  • Many Bitcoin bookies have the right to pay the whole or part of any winnings.

Understanding Horse Racing Betting Terms

For those new to betting, familiarizing yourself with betting terminology can be beneficial when placing a wager at Ascot Racecourse. Here are some common terms:

  • Ante-Post: Bets placed at least one day before the event.
  • Banker: A secure bet is likely to result in a high strike rate.
  • Colt: A male horse, aged four or younger. After reaching five years, they are known as stallions.
  • Dead Heat: A tie in an event.
  • Dividend: The amount returned for every £1 stake placed on a winning bet.
  • Drifter: A horse whose price increases as the race approaches.
  • Favorite: The horse with the shortest odds and is most likely to win.
  • Field: All the race’s entrants, often excluding the favorite.
  • Filly: A female horse aged four or younger. At five years, they are known as mares.
  • Going: Refers to the ground conditions for the race, e.g., good, heavy, hard, or soft.
  • Off: Signifies the start of the race.
  • On The Nose: Betting exclusively to win.
  • Pony: A term for a £25 bet.
  • Void: A bet declared invalid.

Top Royal Ascot Betting Promotions

Royal Ascot is a prime event for Bitcoin bookmakers, who go above and beyond to provide an extensive range of markets and a range of special promotions. Here are the most sought-after deals you’ll likely encounter.

Ascot Free Bets

Free bets stand out as the most beneficial promotions for the Royal Ascot races. These tokens can be used as a substitute for cash to maintain your account balance or employed in a no-risk-matched betting strategy.

There are two primary methods to acquire free bets for your Ascot betting:

  • Welcome Offers

Welcome, offers are the first route to secure free bets, with these promotions being straightforward to activate and offering the most substantial rewards.

The most advantageous welcome offers are the ‘Bet X, Get Y’ type. In these deals, you place a qualifying wager with real money and receive free bet tokens in return. Acceptable deals are those that offer a 1:1 return or better. However, the best deals are those like ‘Bet £10, Get £30’, providing a 3:1 return.

Other types of welcome offers, such as Deposit Matches or Risk-Free Bets, can also yield free bets but are slightly more complicated to utilize. Deposit Matches require you to place rollover wagers before withdrawing any bonus winnings, while Risk-Free Bets reimburse your stake if your initial wager loses.

  • Ongoing Promotions

The second method to earn free bets is through ongoing promotions, often taking the form of ‘insurance’ deals. These promotions refund your stake as a free bet under specific conditions. A popular example is the Money Back if 2nd promotion, where if your Race Winner wager doesn’t win but finishes second, you receive a free bet refund.

Royal Ascot Free Bet Promotions

As the event approaches, numerous crypto-betting sites will likely offer bettors free bet offers, as mentioned. Your first task is to identify welcome offers crafted specifically for the event on platforms where you don’t have an account. Once the races begin, shift your focus to ongoing free bet promotions. Always thoroughly read the terms and conditions to ensure you activate the promotions correctly.

Timing Your Wagers

In horse racing, in-play and outright markets are not significant factors for Ascot betting. Thus, you have two main options: ante-post and pre-race.

Royal Ascot Ante-Post Betting

Ante-post markets are a long-term option, opening months before the event, even before the final field is set. They are typically limited to Race Winner and Each Way bets.

The unpredictability of ante-post wagers is both an advantage and a disadvantage. An early call can result in significant value, but factors such as poor form or injury can render a runner a non-factor, and you could lose your stake since No Runner No Bet offers generally don’t apply to ante-post wagers.

Pre-Race Ascot Races Betting

The primary advantage of pre-race bets is that you have access to a wealth of information, such as the final field of horses and complete form records. Injuries are also less of a concern, and you are covered by more special offers, including various insurance deals.

The downside is that Bitcoin sportsbooks also have access to this information and will adjust their odds accordingly. While your risks are lower with pre-race bets, so are your potential rewards.

5 Essential Ascot Betting Strategies

Like all horse racing festivals, profiting from Royal Ascot is not guaranteed. However, you can significantly improve your chances of success by following these five key strategies.

Strategy 1: Plan Ahead

With Royal Ascot taking place every June, you have ample time to prepare. Part of this preparation should include devising a staking plan. Determine your total betting budget for Ascot, select the races you want to bet on, and then divide your total budget by the number of races to calculate your individual stakes.

Strategy 2: Diversify Your Accounts

Don’t hesitate to open accounts with multiple bookmakers in the lead-up to Royal Ascot. This enables you to capitalize on both welcome offers and ongoing promotions during the festival. It also provides the flexibility to choose the best odds for the horses you’re backing.

Strategy 3: Conduct Thorough Research

A wealth of analysis and betting tips for Royal Ascot are available each year, often at no cost. Use them to make better wagering conclusions that will increase your chances of profit. To say it simply, the higher the knowledge you have, the higher your chances of winning.

Strategy 4: Be Versatile in Your Bets

While Race Winner wagers are common, Each Way bets can often be a more sensible choice. Don’t limit yourself to these traditional bet types, though. Consider incorporating higher-risk, higher-reward wagers, such as straight and exotic multiples, while adjusting your stakes accordingly.

Strategy 5: Practice Discipline

Royal Ascot offers numerous betting opportunities, but you don’t have to participate in every single one. Be mindful of your deposit and stake amounts and consider setting strict deposit limits for yourself. However, the goal of having fun should always be kept in mind, and betting responsibly should be key.


The Royal Ascot is amongst the world’s foremost equestrian competitions that are historically important, opulent, and highly competitive. By participating in Bitcoin Ascot betting, you can experience a part of this magnificent festival.

In this guide, we’ve highlighted the best bookmakers, bet types, and promotions available to you, along with providing essential Ascot betting strategies. Now, it’s time for you to combine this knowledge and make informed, savvy picks for the 2024 edition.

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