Melbourne Cup Bitcoin Betting

Get ready to place your bets for the 2024 Melbourne Cup, where you’ll find a huge selection of Bitcoin betting opportunities! Known as the race that captivates even those who bet just once a year, the Melbourne Cup is at the pinnacle of Australian horse racing when it comes to placing bets. Renowned as the most bet-on event in the Australian racing calendar, the Melbourne Cup gets significant attention from punters worldwide. Future bets for this event open shortly after the current year’s race concludes, allowing the eager bettor to get in early on the next year’s action.

With a multitude of betting options available for the Melbourne Cup, newcomers might find the array of choices daunting but GOSUBETTING has you covered with all the different variety of bets beyond just the traditional win or place wagers worth considering. For guidance on the myriad of betting types and what might suit you, stay tuned to our updates! Our recommended Australian Bitcoin betting sites often lead the pack, offering early odds for the Melbourne Cup months in advance, setting the stage for those looking to wager with cryptocurrency.

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Understanding the Melbourne Cup

Let’s begin with the basics of this renowned event. The Melbourne Cup is a premier horse race, featuring up to 24 thoroughbreds vying for victory on the lush 3200-meter course of Flemington Racecourse, located in the heart of Melbourne. Occasionally, the number might dip below 24 if any contenders are withdrawn.

The stakes are high, with the winning team – comprising the owner, trainer, and jockey—taking home a hefty $4.4 million prize. Betting odds for each horse are determined by their perceived chances of winning, as estimated by bookmakers and the betting public. The favorite carries the shortest odds, meaning a bet on them receives a smaller return compared to the underdogs.

Melbourne Cup Bitcoin Betting

Online Betting on the Melbourne Cup

For the Melbourne Cup 2024, placing your Bitcoin bets online is the smart move. This method saves you from the hassle of crowded betting venues and complicated wagering systems. This provides an easy way to join in the action.

When choosing your Bitcoin bookmaker, consider visiting review platforms for unbiased opinions on each provider. This can guide you to a crypto bookmaker that aligns with your betting preferences.

Consider New crypto bookmakers that offer exceptional Melbourne Cup betting promotions. Their digital platform means you can place bets from the comfort of your device. Be it a computer, mobile, or tablet. Sidestepping the need to queue at betting outlets and enhancing your betting experience with their user-friendly services.

Placing Your Bitcoin Bet on the Melbourne Cup

Step 1: Select an Online Bookmaker

Kickstart your Melbourne Cup Bitcoin betting journey by choosing a reliable crypto bookmaker. Top-tier providers, recommended by GOSUBETTING, are known for offering competitive deals and odds. Opening an account is a swift process that sets you up for betting in just a couple of minutes.

Step 2: Register Your Account

The sign-up process with Bitcoin bookmakers is pretty straightforward. Verify that you are over 18, fill in the necessary personal information and you’re ready to go.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

Depositing Bitcoin into your account is straightforward, secure, and instant. You can use your Crypto wallet to deposit the amount you want to bet with. Alternative methods such as Tron, Litecoin, and others are also widely accepted. Moreover, to ensure that your funds are ready for use without delay.

Step 4: Start Betting

Now comes the fun part. With a funded account, go to the Melbourne Cup section on your Bitcoin bookmaker’s site. Or you can use their app to browse through the race field. You can choose from various betting options. From straightforward win or place bets to more complex wagers like quinellas, trifectas, or first-fours.

Betting on the Melbourne Cup Using an App

Using an app to bet on the Melbourne Cup simplifies the process. Select a Bitcoin bookmaker recommended by GOSUBETTING. Download their app from the App Store or Google Play, and complete the sign-up. Once your account is funded, you’ll have a wide array of markets at your fingertips. Navigate to the races, select the Melbourne Cup, pick your horse, then decide on your bet type. This can be a win, place, or each-way. Enter the amount you wish to bet. It’s that simple to get into the action.

Melbourne Cup 2024 Essentials

Set your calendars for November 5th, 2024, when the Melbourne Cup will take off on its traditional date. The first Tuesday in November. The iconic race will commence at 3 pm at Melbourne’s Flemington Racecourse.

The deciding race for the final spot in the Cup’s lineup, will be held on November 2nd. In the Melbourne Cup, the top ten finishers among the twenty-four competitors will share a lucrative prize pool of $8 million.

Betting on the Melbourne Cup

Australia’s Melbourne Cup is unmatched in viewership and betting stakes. Managed by the Victoria Racing Club, the event sees substantial betting activity, with last year’s betting turnover hitting around $80 million. For those considering a flutter on the race, our Melbourne Cup betting guide offers insights into the various wager types available.

Understanding Melbourne Cup Odds

The Melbourne Cup betting odds are intertwined with the concept of betting, yet they hold distinct meanings. ‘Betting’ covers the entire market for the race, whereas ‘odds’ refers to each horse’s price. These odds reflect the bookmaker’s assessment of each horse’s chance to win, influenced by market movements from punters. The favorite typically carries the shortest odds, suggesting a higher probability of success.

Why Should I Bet on The Melbourne Cup With Bitcoin?

Betting on the Melbourne Cup with Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies, offers several advantages compared to traditional currency betting:

  • Anonymity: Cryptocurrency transactions can be made with more privacy than traditional fiat betting. While regulated betting sites still require some personal information, the transaction itself doesn’t involve banks and therefore offers a degree of anonymity.
  • Security: Bitcoin transactions are secured by blockchain technology, making them highly resistant to fraud and unauthorized tampering.
  • Lower Fees: Transacting with Bitcoin often has lower fees than using traditional payment methods, particularly for international transactions.
  • Speed of Transactions: Speed of Transactions: Withdrawals are usually very fast in the Bitcoin market as compared with other transaction processes. It can take days with fiat withdrawals, on the other hand, Crypto withdrawals are completed between a few minutes for Bitcoin to a few hours for other cryptocurrencies.
  • Global Accessibility: A global decentralized currency, bitcoin operates without any specific nation or central bank. This means international punters can bet on the Melbourne Cup without having to worry about exchange rates or international banking fees.

Additional Offers

  • Innovation and Bonuses: Many Bitcoin betting platforms offer special bonuses and promotions for users who deposit with Bitcoin. It is a way to encourage the use of cryptocurrencies.
  • Increased Betting Limits: Some online betting platforms offer higher deposit and withdrawal limits for cryptocurrency users.
  • Price Appreciation: If you hold Bitcoin and the value increases, your winnings could be worth more in fiat currency than when you initially placed the bet.
  • Trackability: While offering anonymity to a certain extent, Bitcoin also allows you to track your transactions via the blockchain, offering transparency and easy record-keeping.
  • No Banking Regulations: Betting with Bitcoin sidesteps the banking regulations and restrictions that can sometimes complicate online gambling in certain regions.

As with all betting, it’s important to do it responsibly. Betting with Bitcoin also requires knowledge of cryptocurrency transactions and awareness of the volatility of crypto markets. Always use reputable betting sites that are compliant with betting laws and regulations.

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Melbourne Cup Field

Annually, a vast pool of horses is proposed by their owners for the Melbourne Cup. As the event nears, various acceptance stages take place, requiring fees for continued eligibility toward entering the final field. Selection is often influenced by the horse’s success in Group races of 2400 meters or more, a criterion that has sparked discussions about the accessibility for international entrants.

Melbourne Cup Statistics

Choosing a winner from the anticipated 24-horse lineup requires considering numerous factors. Often, the outcome hinges on the skill of the jockey. The most victorious Melbourne Cup jockeys, are Damien Oliver and Glen Boss tied for the top spot, having secured three wins each.

Flemington Racecourse Facts

Since the first race in 1864, the Melbourne Cup has called Flemington Racecourse home. This renowned track measures 2,312 meters in circumference, with the entire area, including its environs, spanning 1.27 square kilometers.

Melbourne Cup Carnival Celebration

The 2024 Melbourne Cup Carnival promises a full week of festivity, encapsulated in four race days: Victoria Derby Day, Melbourne Cup Day, Crown Oaks Day, and Lexus Stakes Day—the latter being particularly recommended for family attendance. The carnival kicks off on November 3rd and runs through November 9th, with the main event slated for November 5th.

Fashion at the Carnival

The Melbourne Cup Carnival is a showcase of not just equine prowess but also high fashion. Attendees flock to Flemington not only to witness the horse races but also to participate in the sartorial spectacle. The focus on fashion is expanding to include more male participants, intensifying the competition.

Melbourne Cup Barrier Draw

The Melbourne Cup’s barrier draw is a pivotal event, scheduled for Victoria Derby Day, which falls on November 5th this year. The draw takes place after the Lexus Hotham Stakes, the final opportunity for horses to secure their place in the Cup’s lineup, making it a day of high stakes and anticipation. Traditionally, the Victoria Racing Club reveals the final field and barrier assignments at 5:30 pm on Derby Day.

International Competitors at the Melbourne Cup

Witness the most celebrated race on the Australian horse racing calendar, featuring seasoned thoroughbreds aged three years and older racing over 3200 meters. Held on the first Tuesday of November at the illustrious Flemington Racecourse, the Melbourne Cup has a storied past dating back to 1861. Over the years, numerous international competitors have triumphed in this prestigious event, etching their names into the annals of racing glory.

Melbourne Cup’s Finest Champions

Victory in the Melbourne Cup is a hallmark of equine excellence. Each winner carves out their own chapter in history. Some have achieved this feat multiple times under increasingly challenging conditions and heavier weights.

Makybe Diva stands out with her three consecutive Melbourne Cup victories, an unparalleled achievement in the event’s history. Other legendary winners include Archer. The victor of the race’s first two installments, and the renowned Phar Lap, who claimed the Cup in 1930.

Melbourne Cup Betting Options

When the 2023 Melbourne Cup rolls around, bettors will find themselves drawn to the excitement. Instead of the usual win or place bets, consider the array of other Bitcoin wagering options that the Melbourne Cup offers.

Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a casual one, the Melbourne Cup presents diverse crypto-betting opportunities. Why not try for a potentially hefty payout with a trifecta, first four, or quinella? GOSUBETTING is here to guide you through all the betting types available.

Navigating Melbourne Cup Wagers

Here’s a rundown of betting types to consider for placing your Bitcoin bet on the Melbourne Cup:

  • Win Bet: The simplest bet where you choose the horse you believe will be first past the post.
  • Place Bet: Select a horse you think will finish in the top three – the odds are less than a win bet.
    Each-Way Bet: A dual bet combining equal stakes on a win and a place.
  • Quinella Bet: Choose two horses to finish first and second in any order. Increase your chances by selecting more than one horse for either position.
  • Exacta Bet: Pick the first and second-place finishers in their exact order.
  • Trifecta Bet: Select the first three horses in the correct order of finish.
  • First Four: Predict the first four horses in the exact order.
  • Quadrella Bet (Quaddie): Choose the winner in four specific races, including the Melbourne Cup, for a share of the betting pool.
  • Treble: Similar to the Quaddie but for three races.
  • Double: Pick the winners in two specific races.
  • Fixed Odds/ Future Betting: Lock in your selection at specific odds well in advance of the Cup, contrasting with tote betting where odds fluctuate until the race starts.

With these varied betting types, you can approach the Melbourne Cup with confidence, whether you’re looking to place a simple bet or dive into the more complex strategies. We will explain some of the more complex bets below:

Melbourne Cup First Four Betting

Forecasting the top four horses in the Melbourne Cup, especially in the correct sequence, presents a formidable challenge to bettors. However, those who accurately predict the First Four can expect substantial payouts from the race’s significant betting pool.

The $8 million Group 1 Melbourne Cup, covering 3200 meters, demands that you pinpoint not just who the first four finishers will be but also their precise finishing order. To mitigate the difficulty, many enthusiasts choose a box First Four bet, which covers all permutations of the chosen horses, rather than a single First Four bet.

Given the complexity of correctly selecting the quartet and their order, box betting is often favored by seasoned bettors aiming for the First Four. When preparing a box bet, it’s crucial to judiciously select your top contenders from the typically large Melbourne Cup field, which can feature up to 24 starters.

Melbourne Cup Trifecta Betting

For those looking to expand their betting horizons beyond a single winner, the Melbourne Cup Trifecta offers an attractive proposition. This bet involves selecting the first three horses to cross the finish line and can yield generous returns if predicted correctly.

Considering the unpredictability of the race’s outcome, a common strategy is to place a 3-horse box trifecta, covering all finish order combinations of the chosen trio. The allure of a trifecta bet lies in the higher payout potential, far exceeding what standard win bets offer, owing to the reduced probability of successfully guessing the exact result. With fewer bettors sharing the trifecta pool, those with the winning combination stand to gain a more sizeable prize.

Melbourne Cup Quinella Betting

The Quinella is a popular wager for the Melbourne Cup, where the goal is to select the horses that will take the top two spots, in any order. Your bet wins if your chosen horses finish first and second, making it a great option for those who have identified two strong competitors but are unsure of their exact finishing order.

For those bettors who prefer not to limit their choices to two horses, the Melbourne Cup Box Quinella increases the chances of a win. This bet includes all possible Quinella combinations among the selected horses. The cost of a Box Quinella is calculated by multiplying the number of horses chosen by one less than the number of horses chosen, and then by the base bet amount.

For instance, if you’re confident about 5 horses and place a base bet of $1 on each combination, your Box Quinella bet would cost you $20 in total, as per the formula: 5 \times (5 – 1) \times $1.

Melbourne Cup Quadrella (Quaddie) Betting

The Quaddie, a favorite bet during premier racing events like the Melbourne Cup carnival, can see the betting pools soar into the millions, offering a chance at substantial winnings from even a modest stake.

There’s flexibility in how you structure your Quaddie. Some punters aim for the most economical approach. Selecting just one horse per race (1x1x1x1), which would cost only $1 for the full 100% of the potential dividend. The strategy for a Quaddie can vary widely. From choosing just one runner per leg to selecting multiple runners, depending on how much you’re willing to invest for the chance at a larger payout.

When betting on the Quadrella, also known as the Quaddie, it’s important to understand that the total pool doesn’t directly translate to your potential return. If you win and other bettors have also won the Quaddie, the pool is divided according to the percentage of the winning stake each party holds. The number of runners you choose in each leg determines the cost of your bet. If you opt for three runners in each of the four legs (3x3x3x3), the price for a full unit stake would amount to $81.

Melbourne Cup Exacta Betting

An Exacta bet in the Melbourne Cup demands precision: you must correctly select the first two finishers in the exact order they cross the finish line, differentiating it from a Quinella where the order is not a factor.

The reward for nailing the Melbourne Cup Exacta can be substantial. And while it’s a tougher challenge than landing a Quinella, it’s somewhat more straightforward compared to the trifecta. Moreover, the Trifecta which involves the first three finishers. Achieving success with an Exacta means not only identifying the top two horses but also predicting their finish sequence correctly.

It’s crucial to remember when placing a boxed bet that it comprises multiple individual bets, each with varying odds. So, while a 2-horse box Exacta might win under the same conditions as a Quinella, the payout will differ based on the order your horses finish, unlike the Quinella which pays out uniformly regardless of the order between the two horses you’ve selected.

Caulfield-Melbourne Cup Double Betting

Placing bets on the Caulfield Cup and Melbourne Cup double is a cherished tradition for many bettors, offering excitement with two of the most prestigious races in Australia. The appeal of this bet comes from the cumulative aspect, allowing for the potential of significant wins from modest stakes.

This wager operates just like any standard double or multi-bet. As a bettor, you select the winning horse for each of the two races. The odds for your chosen horses are then multiplied together, providing the total odds for your double bet.

The occurrence of a single horse clinching victory in both the Caulfield and Melbourne Cups would be the ideal ‘Cup Double’ scenario. However, this is not a necessity for your double bet to succeed. You have the freedom to pick one horse for the Caulfield Cup and another for the Melbourne Cup, or you can choose to back the same horse for both races.

You’ll find that all Bitcoin bookmakers offer this betting option. Look out for markets specifically labeled as a ‘Cups Double’ or simply add your Caulfield and Melbourne Cup selections to your betting slip, and you should see the option to combine them into a multi-bet.

Melbourne Cup Terminology

Just like any other big sports event, Melbourne Cup has its own terms which can be confusing for people not used to horse races. Here are some of the key terms associated with the Melbourne Cup:

  • Barrier Draw: This is the process of randomly assigning a starting position (gate) to each horse in the race. The barrier each horse starts from can have a significant impact on its chances.
  • Furlong: A furlong is a measure of distance in horse racing. It is equivalent to an eighth of a mile or 220 yards (about 201 meters). The Melbourne Cup is run over 3200 meters, which is just under 16 furlongs.
  • Handicap Race: This is basically about evening the odds and therefore, creating a fair playing ground for the horses.
  • Stayer: It refers to a horse with endurance and which can run a long-distance race. It is also the longest FLAT race and hence proves the Melbourne Cup test of endurance.
  • The Field: This name, is meant to refer to a collection of horses who are going to take part in the race. The Melbourne Cup field is made up of horses from around the world and is usually finalized after the running of the Lexus Hotham Stakes.

Additional Terms

  • Silks: These are the colorful jackets and caps worn by the jockeys. Each set of silks is unique to the horse’s owner and helps spectators and commentators identify the horses during the race.
  • Track Conditions: Describes the state of the racecourse on the day, which can affect the performance of the horses. Track conditions can range from heavy (very wet) to firm (dry).
  • Maiden: A horse that has never won a race. No maiden has ever won the Melbourne Cup.
  • Scratch: When a horse is withdrawn from the race before it starts. Reasons for a scratch can include illness, injury, or unfavorable barrier draws.
  • Strapper: A person employed by the trainer to groom and look after the general welfare of a horse. They play a vital role in preparing a horse for the race.
  • Quinella: A type of bet where you must select the first two finishers in a race, in any order.
  • Trifecta: A bet where you must select the first three horses across the finish line in the correct order.
  • Cup Double: Refers to winning both the Caulfield and Melbourne Cup in the same year – a rare and difficult achievement.

Understanding these terms will make your experience of the Melbourne Cup more enjoyable. Whether you are attending the race, placing bets, or simply watching the event.


As the thunder of hooves approaches this November, the 2024 Melbourne Cup stands ready to uphold its legacy. It is the pinnacle of equine competition and betting excitement. Offering a diverse tapestry of wagering possibilities. From the casual bettor to the seasoned expert, the Melbourne Cup encapsulates the spirit of Australian horse racing.

With the integration of Bitcoin into the betting arena, punters are now privy to the advantages of cryptocurrency transactions. Elevating the experience with enhanced security, privacy, and efficiency. Delve into the wealth of betting options and let the anticipation build. The Melbourne Cup is not merely a race but a storied chapter in the annals of sporting history. A testament to both tradition and innovation.

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