GOSUBETTING Deposit Guarantee: Your Betting Security Net

Deposit Guarantee – At GOSUBETTING, our commitment to your betting security is unwavering. We bring you the most reliable Bitcoin sports betting operators, ensuring your peace of mind as you wager on your favorite games.

Why Choose GOSUBETTING Deposit Guarantee?

While the odds of encountering issues with our trusted betting partners are minimal, we’ve got your back just in case. Introducing the GOSUBETTING Deposit Guarantee – your safety net in the world of Bitcoin sports betting. Here’s how it works:

Guarantee Within Reach: If you’ve joined a Bitcoin sportsbook through any link on our website or via our social media, you’re eligible for our Deposit Guarantee.

Up to $500 in Crypto: We’ll refund your last deposit, up to a generous maximum of $500 in crypto equivalent, within 30 days if you experience any unlikely issues with the associated sportsbook.

Deposit with Confidence: You can confidently deposit at any Bitcoin sports betting site featured on GOSUBETTING, knowing we’ve got you covered in case of unforeseen problems.

Please keep in mind that our GOSUBETTING Deposit Guarantee is a complimentary service for our users. We’re here to assist you, provided you’ve signed up with the respective sportsbook via our links.

Claim Requirements

To qualify for a refund, please adhere to these straightforward requirements:

  1. Register Through Us: You must have signed up via our website.
  2. File an Official Complaint: Submit an official complaint to the sportsbook with all the required details.
  3. Abide by Terms and Conditions: Respect the terms and conditions of the sportsbook.
  4. No Self-Exclusion: Ensure you haven’t self-excluded from the sportsbook.
  5. No Chargeback Attempts: Do not attempt a chargeback for your deposit.
  6. Maintain Respectful Conduct: Treat the sportsbook and its staff with respect, refraining from using strong language or threats.

Initiate a Dispute

Should you encounter any issues, initiate a dispute through our contact page. Include all pertinent information, such as your username and a detailed description of the problem.

Upon receiving your dispute, we will promptly contact the sportsbook to work towards a resolution. Rest assured, we will keep you informed throughout the process. In rare instances, we may require a signed letter granting us authority to act on your behalf. Please note that we will never request sensitive information like security questions or financial details.

Refund Guarantee:

If, despite following the above requirements, your dispute remains unresolved after 30 days, we will issue a refund of up to $500 in crypto equivalent.

GOSUBETTING Deposit Guarantee – Terms and Conditions:

Our commitment to your deposit security is unwavering. If your funds are seized by any sportsbook listed on GOSUBETTING, we will issue a refund of your last deposit, up to a maximum of $500. For the smoothest resolution, please inform us of any dispute immediately and allow us a minimum of 30 days to liaise with the sportsbook before refund issuance.

To claim, you will need to provide adequate proof of deposit, and each individual is limited to a maximum of three claims within 12 months. All refunds will be provided in BTC (Bitcoin), and we will require a signed message as proof of address ownership.

Our decisions regarding deposit guarantee are considered final. At GOSUBETTING, we’re committed to ensuring your Bitcoin betting experience remains safe and enjoyable.