The Tell All Guide to Provably Fair Casinos

Discover the new era of online gaming with provably fair casinos, a breakthrough that takes away any concerns of predetermined outcomes.

In these casinos, every bet’s legitimacy is transparent, ensuring the impossibility of outcome manipulation by the casino. The verification process for each game result is pretty straightforward.

A rapidly increasing number of online casinos now offer provably fair games. But what’s behind their operation? Who are the top providers? And how can you validate the game’s randomness?

We’ll break it all down for you in easy-to-understand terms, so technical expertise isn’t required.

Here’s what you’ll find out:

  • The top provably fair casinos
  • Various categories of provably fair games
  • Reasons behind the rising popularity of provable fairness (and why it’s beneficial for you)
  • Ways to confirm the results of provably fair games

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Understanding Provably Fair Bitcoin Casinos

Provably fair Bitcoin casinos are online gaming platforms that guarantee game results are randomly generated.

These casinos use cryptographic techniques to produce random outcomes, ensuring the game’s outcome is honest.

Players can independently confirm each game’s fairness using cryptographic hashing, with predetermined house edges and return-to-player (RTP) rates.

Before getting into the details of this verification process, let’s compare provably fair casinos with traditional ones:

FeaturesProvably Fair CasinosTraditional Casinos
Random Outcomes?YesYes
Algorithm Transparency?YesNo
Can Randomness Be Verified?Yes, with all outcomes recorded on a public ledger.No, due to the private nature of the casino’s algorithm.
Available GamesUnique offerings like Crash and PlinkoStandard online casino games
PopularityOn the riseAlready high

Now that you have a basic understanding of provably fair casinos, let’s explore what sets them apart.

A Closer Look at the Top Provably Fair Casinos

In this guide, our experts have highlighted our favorite provably fair cryptocurrency casinos, each excelling in the following:

  • Showcasing a variety of games with proven fairness.
  • Delivering a superior overall casino experience, not just in fairness but also in user experience, customer service, and easy withdrawals.

Provably Fair Casinos

The Role of Random Number Generation in Ensuring Fairness

The cornerstone of a genuinely fair casino game lies in its randomness. Take, for example, the simple act of rolling dice:

Each roll, giving you a number from 1 to 6, is completely unpredictable. Your odds of rolling any number are always 1 in 6, regardless of previous rolls. This unpredictability holds true for every roll; neither you nor the casino can anticipate the result.

In the physical world, a dice roll is naturally random, barring the use of tampered dice. But how does an online casino replicate this randomness? Certainly not through a hidden employee rolling dice! Instead, the outcome is determined by a random number generation (RNG) algorithm.

This RNG system uses factors like minute mouse movements to create a random sequence of numbers. Blockchain advancements further enhance RNG in online gaming.

Casino licensing bodies use the RNG mechanisms of physical equipment or the servers of online casinos. The unique aspect of provably fair casinos is that they empower you, the player, to personally verify each game’s randomness.

Understanding the Mechanics of Provably Fair Gaming

As a gaming platform architect, creators can make games using blockchain technology. This provides transparency and permanence in-game operations, using the same distributed ledger technology that secures trust in transactions without central oversight:

Even if a game isn’t blockchain-based, it can still achieve provable fairness. For example, with open-source code, players can actively inspect it to ensure there’s no tampering. Verification tools are also available to confirm fairness for individual outcomes.

Here’s how it typically operates:

  • Generation of a Random Number: This is crucial for determining the outcome of games like dice, slots, or blackjack.
  • Creation of a Client Seed: Initiated by the player’s hardware, this client seed is the first step in generating a random number and is presented as an encrypted hash.
  • Production of a Server Seed: Originating from the game server, this seed is unique and tamper-proof, thanks to blockchain technology.
  • Combination of Seeds for Random Number Generation: The game uses both the client and server seeds to generate a random number, which then decides the game outcome.
  • Post-Game Seed Verification: After the game, players can access their client seed to deduce the server seed.
  • Hash Comparison: By entering the seed into a calculator, a hash is produced. If this matches the server seed hash, it confirms the game’s integrity.

How to Validate Game Results

Most Bitcoin casinos offering provably fair games provide their own verification methods and guides. Essentially, they allow players to independently verify randomness. Here’s how:

Distinguishing Between Crypto and Blockchain Casinos:

  • Cryptocurrency Casinos: These platforms accept cryptocurrencies as payment. They may not necessarily use blockchain technology in their games.
  • Blockchain Casinos: These are built on blockchain technology, typically as decentralized apps (Dapps).

Note: Accepting Bitcoin doesn’t imply the use of blockchain in games. For instance, a platform like BC.Game might accept over 65 cryptocurrencies and not deal with fiat, but it’s a crypto casino, not a blockchain-based one.

Here’s the essential difference:

Both blockchain and non-blockchain casinos can offer provable fairness. The distinction lies in how you verify this fairness. In blockchain casinos, games are usually provably fair. In contrast, non-blockchain casinos require specific checks for each game round to prove its randomness.

Provably Fair Games Outside the Blockchain

Verification methods for provably fair games can differ from one Bitcoin casino to another. Take, for example, a Classic Dice game at BC.Game:

Here’s how the game’s results are determined:

  • Combining Seeds for Hash Calculation: BC.Game uses the client and server seeds to generate a hash, resulting in a 64-character hexadecimal string.
  • Extracting and Converting Values: The system selects eight characters from this string and converts them into an int32 value, meaning a number stored in 32 bits.
  • Number Transformation: BC.Game then processes this number: it’s divided by 0x100000000, multiplied by 10001, and then divided by 100. The final number dictates the dice outcome.

In essence, the site blends two random numbers through an algorithm to produce the game’s result.

To confirm fairness in a game, begin by locating your seed:

  • Find your client seed in the game at your chosen crypto casino.
  • Safely copy the numbers from the provided popup.
  • Navigate to the provable fairness section in the side menu for the validation link.
  • Use the provable fairness validator, input your seed, and the program will replicate the calculations. If the result aligns with your game, it confirms the dice’s fairness.

Each casino has its unique approach, but the unifying factor is the player’s ability to verify fair outcomes.

Featured Provably Fair Casino

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Blockchain-Based Games

For games built on the blockchain, the verification process is much simpler. Using smart contracts on platforms like Ethereum, TRON, EOS, or NEO, these games are made with transparent code.

This code, and all transactions on the blockchain, can be publicly looked through for thorough auditing.

Rather than players checking each game round, the software itself undergoes an initial audit to verify fairness. Subsequent periodic checks ensure the code remains unchanged. This transparency is a significant advantage for both players and regulators.

Varieties of Casino Games with Provable Fairness

A range of familiar real-money gaming options has been adapted to meet provable fairness standards, offering players the ability to personally verify the integrity of their gaming experience. Games such as Plinko, Crash, Roulette, Wheel, Blackjack, and Dice have embraced this technology, often referred to as “Originals” by casinos offering them.

Provably Fair Slot Games

These slot games are akin to traditional video slots but with a focus on simplicity and functionality, especially in the context of Bitcoin gambling. Typically, these slots feature a five-reel, three-line format with symbols inspired by cryptocurrency motifs. The layout is straightforward, emphasizing easy control over bets and pay lines, much like the top-tier Bitcoin slots found online.

Provably Fair Roulette

Stripping away the visual flair, provably fair roulette closely mirrors its classic counterpart with a betting layout and a wheel. Standard betting options like Even, Odd, Black, and Red are present. However, the wheel may differ from the conventional 36-number design seen in typical BTC roulette games. Payouts for each bet type, including even-money bets, might slightly vary from the expected 2x, adding a twist to the house edge.

Provably Fair Blackjack

While not all Bitcoin casinos with provable fairness feature blackjack, those that do offer a version similar to the classic game. The focus here is less on high-end graphics or complex side bets and more on the fundamental blackjack experience, with the added benefit of fairness verification.

Provably Fair Dice Games

Dice games are widespread in Bitcoin casinos, but it’s important to note that not all are provably fair. These games are often the simplest form of online gambling, allowing players to adjust their bets, payouts, and success probabilities with straightforward controls. The game also clarifies which number ranges payout for either high or low rolls.

Provably Fair Hi-Lo

Hi-Lo stands out for its simplicity. Even so, the top casino sites often include helpful in-play tips and instructions. If it’s card-based, the aim is to predict whether the next card will be higher or lower in value than the current one. Players can build a multiplier through correct guesses, but a single mistake means losing all accumulated winnings. Players can access their client seed and server seed in the Provably Fair settings for verification.

Playing At Provably Fair Gaming with Cryptocurrency

When playing with cryptocurrencies, players need to engage in responsible gambling. Recognizing and respecting personal limits is key to avoiding the pitfalls of gambling addiction. Here are some effective strategies to maintain control:

  • Acknowledge any issues related to gambling and actively seek solutions.
  • Don’t hesitate to access help or informative online resources on gambling-related problems.
  • Set and adhere to financial boundaries.
  • Regularly take breaks to ensure gambling doesn’t overshadow other life aspects.
  • Stay away from triggers that intensify the urge to gamble.

Quick Withdrawals

Top-tier provably fair Bitcoin casinos stand out for their swift payout processes. Often, these platforms handle withdrawal requests automatically, a stark contrast to traditional casinos where manual approval is necessary.

This efficient system ensures that players typically receive their earnings within minutes, not days. Casinos like BetFury,, Metaspins, and Gamdon Casino are renowned for their instant payout services.

Attractive Bonuses

Bonuses are a common strategy for provably fair Bitcoin casinos to draw in new players. Many of these establishments offer enticing welcome packages, usually in the form of matched deposit bonuses to add extra appeal for newcomers. Some of these bonuses include:

  • Welcome Bonuses: Often the most generous, these are offered to new players upon signing up. They might include free spins, a match of the first deposit in cryptocurrency, or a combination of both.
  • No Deposit Bonuses: These are offered without the need to deposit any cryptocurrency. They’re typically smaller but provide a risk-free way to try games.
  • Deposit Match Bonuses: Casinos match a player’s deposit with an equal or higher amount of bonus money, often spread across several initial deposits.
  • Free Spins: Popular in slot games, free spins allow players to play without betting their own money, with potential winnings credited to their account.
  • Reload Bonuses: Given to existing players when they add more cryptocurrency to their account. These are often used to encourage continued play.
  • Cashback Offers: A percentage of losses during a specific period is returned to the player, often as bonus money with its own wagering requirements.
  • VIP Programs and Loyalty Rewards: These programs reward regular players with exclusive bonuses, higher cashback rates, lower wagering requirements, or other perks.
  • Referral Bonuses: Players receive bonuses for referring friends to the casino, usually after the referred player makes a deposit.
  • High Roller Bonuses: Targeted at players who deposit and wager large amounts of cryptocurrency, these bonuses offer higher value rewards.
  • Exclusive Crypto Bonuses: Some casinos offer bonuses exclusive to cryptocurrency users, like special deposit bonuses or increased cashback when using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Embracing Privacy and Effortless Account Creation in Provably Fair Casinos

Privacy stands as a key feature of provably fair casinos, especially those dealing with Bitcoin. These platforms often allow for anonymous gambling, which can even be the case for regulated casinos. The reason is that cryptocurrencies are not recognized as legal tender in many jurisdictions, so traditional gambling regulations like KYC (Know Your Customer) are not always applicable.

This scenario allows players to enjoy games at provably fair Bitcoin casinos while remaining anonymous. It’s important to note, however, that not all casinos offer anonymous accounts, and in cases of significantly large bets, KYC procedures might still come into play.

Creating an account is typically a simple process requiring just an email address, allowing you to start gambling with cryptocurrencies almost instantly.

Concluding Thoughts

Provably fair games offer an added layer of confidence, allowing players to verify game fairness at any time. These games often require a bit more effort from the player, including understanding the game mechanics and verifying hashes independently.

Prominent casinos such as Stake and BC.Game are upfront about their verification processes. Generally, players aren’t required to manually check every aspect, but the option is always there.

Alternatively, players can opt for casino Dapps like BetFury, which are inherently provably fair due to their design. Ultimately, provably fair games stand out as a superior choice for online casino gaming. They offer fairness, transparency, and the ability for players to independently verify game integrity.

FAQ: Understanding Provably Fair Casino Games

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